Land of the North Star: An Introduction to Finnish Literature and Culture by Yrjö Varpio has been published by Hemus of Sofia as Stranata na poljarnata zvezda. The Finnish-language text, Pohjantähden maa: johdatus Suomen kirjallisuuteen ja kulttuuriin, is translated by Ralitsa Petrunova.

The second volume of the famous trilogy of novels by Väinö Linna, Täällä Pohjantähden alla ('Here beneath the North Star', WSOY), has been published by the People's Literature Publishing House of Beijing. The translator is Ren Yan Hua, who also translated the first volume that was published in 1990.

The novel Regn ('Rain') by Ulla-Lena Lundberg (Söderströms) has been published by Fremad of Copenhagen; the title is Regn and the translator is Eva Glistrup.

Land of the North Star: An Introduction to Finnish Literature and Culture by Yrjö Varpio has been published by Tampere University Press of Tampere. The Finnish-language text, Pohjantähden maa: johdatus Suomen kirjallisuuteen ja kulttuuriin, is translated by Peter Claydon.

The collected poems by Edith Södergran have been translated by Sabira Ståhlberg and published by Bambu of Varna, Bulgaria. The title is Lando malekzista.

The novel Liian paksu perhoseksi ('Too fat for a butterfly', Kirjayhtymä) has been translated by Katrin Reimus as Liiga paks, et olla liblikas. The publisher is Virgela of Tallinn.
     A volume of essays by Päivi Setälä, Keskiajan nainen ('The medieval woman', Otava) has been published as Keskaja naine. The translator is Maimu Berg, the publisher Huma of Tallinn.

The novel Kreisland ('Crazeland', WSOY) by Rosa Liksom has been translated by Stefan Moster and published by Eichborn of Frankfurt as Crazeland.
A special issue on Finnish literature, Eiswasser Finnland spezial, edited by Joachim Gerdes, Dagmar Missfeldt and Jörg Ridderbusch, has been published by Eiswasser of Vechta. There are several translators. The issue includes work by 29 Finnish- and Swedish-language poets and writers.

The children's book Gondwanan lapset ('Children of Gondwana', Lasten Keskus) by Alexis Kouros has been translated by Maria Marzokou and published by Ekdoseis Zevrodeilos/Siphano Picture Books of Athens.

Contemporary Finnish poetry has been published in a selection edited and translated by Lajos Szopori Nagy. The publisher is Árgus Kiadó of Székesfehérvár and the title is Kánon az erdön: mai finn líra. The book includes work by 12 Finnish poets.

The novel Jäniksen vuosi (The Year of the Hare, WSOY) by Arto Paasilinna has been translated by Sachiko Harding. The publisher is Merkmal of Tokyo.
     Kevät tuli elokuussa ('Spring came in August', WSOY), autobiographical prose by Sesse Koivisto, has been translated by Yumiko Kanebako. The publisher is Sairyuu-Sha of Tokyo.

One of the Moomin books for children by Tove Jansson, Muminpappas memoarer (The Exploits of Moominpappa, Schildts), has been translated by Mudite Treimane and published as Lato Muminków. The publisher is Nordik of Riga.

A book about the history of European women by Kaari Utrio, Eevan tyttäret ('Eve's daughters', Tammi), has been translated by Izabele Kovarskiene and published by Tyto alba of Vilnius. The title is Ievos dukterys.

The play Tuntematon potilas ('The unknown patient') by Inkeri Kilpinen has been published as Kajymaste-tolmaste, lekmaste-purymaste in the literary journal Oncyko 12, published in Joskar-Ola. The translator is Vasily Yanalov.

The novel Tulkoon myrsky ('May the storm come', WSOY) by Leena Lander has been published by Gyldendal of Oslo as Bli storm. The translator is Nøste Kendzior.
     Poems by Rauni Magga Lukkari have been translated from the Sámi by Laila Stien. The title is Morslodd, the publisher is Davvi Girji of Karasjoki.

An anthology of Finnish poetry has been translated by Joanna Trzcinska-Mejor and published by Wydawnictwo Ksiazkove Ibis of Warsaw. The title is Podaj mi obie donie. Antologia poezij finskiej. It contains poems by 24 poets, classic and contemporary.

A new translation of the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, has been published by Karjala of Petroskoy. The translators are Eino Kiuru and Armas Mischin.
     Karjalan kansan historia ('A history of the Karelian people', WSOY) by Heikki Kirkinen, Pekka Nevalainen and Hannes Sihvo has been translated by Leo Suni and published by [s. n.] of Petrozavodsk. The title is Istoria karelskogo naroda.
     In its issue 6/98 the Russian-language literary magazine Vysgorod of Tallinn, Estonia, has published a selection of prose and poetry by 12 Finnish authors, both classic and contemporary. There are several translators.

The novel Ihon aika ('The time of the skin', WSOY) by Anja Snellman (formerly Kauranen) has been published by Norstedts of Stockholm as Hudens tid. The translator is Camilla Frostell.
     Frostell is also the translator of Leena Lander's novel Iloisen kotiinpaluun asuinsijat ('The merry dwellings of homecoming', WSOY); the title is Den glada hemkomstens boplatser, and the publisher is Bonniers of Stockholm.
     An account of the 16th-century civil war in Ostrobothnia, north-east Finland, by the historian Heikki Ylikangas, Nuijasota ('The war of the clubs,' Otava), has been translated by Mats Huldén and published by Atlantis of Stockholm.
     The memoirs of Lieko Zachovalová, a long-time Finnish radio correspondent in Prague, Prahan ääni ('The voice of Prague', Edita), have been published as Rösten från Prag. The translators are Peter Lodenius and Annika Sandlund and the publisher is Schildts of Helsinki.

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