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International activity


The Finnish Literature Society promotes and advances research into Finnish culture throughout the world.

Our correspondent members form the backbone to our international network.

The SKS is also involved in various international research projects. The research projects that are currently being coordinated by the SKS concern how Finnish society became literate, forms of oral tradition, oral history, Kalevala-metre poetry and to a certain extent the Society’s own history.

Folklore research carried out at the SKS has always been internationally recognised and highly regarded. The material in the Society’s archives is primarily in the Finnish language, but they can also be used by researchers abroad.

The collections in the library of the Finnish Literature Society, especially its Ethnological Department, cover cultural research worldwide and its collections are international in scope.

The Publications Department publishes and distributes scholarly literature on the humanities in languages other than Finnish.

The SKS is producing an increasing amount of online publications, and in languages other than Finnish.

FILI – Finnish Literature Information Centre is a recognised international operator that provides financial support for the translation and publication of literature, in addition to promoting the awareness of Finnish literature abroad. FILI also coordinates numerous literature events around the world and oversees the publication of quarterly journal Books from Finland.