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Awards and grants

The Finnish Literature Society has four funds that it uses to provide grants and awards for the research and advancement of the Society’s key fields of folklore and literature. The SKS also supports students in these fields. FILI – Finnish Literature Information Centre, supports the translation of literature through a variety of grants.

Information on the application period for each of the available grants can be found in the News section of the Society’s Internet pages at the latest by the end of December of the year before the application deadline. Information on applications and deadlines for translation grants are published on FILI’s Internet pages.

The award from the Aleksis Kivi Fund is usually granted every three years (the next time in 2013) to a deserving Finnish writer. The entire output of the writer is taken into account when making the award decision.

The Elias Lönnrot Fund makes literary awards or scholarships every second year (the next time in 2014). The decision to make an award or grant primarily takes into consideration publications, both those already published and ones still under preparation, concerning research into Finnish culture and cultural heritage – especially work focusing on language, folklore and literature.

The Martti Haavio and Aale Tynni Fund awards a scholarship every second year (next time in 2015) primarily to young researchers of folklore or literature.

The Pentti and Eeva Lyly Fund awards scholarships every second year (next time in 2015) primarily to young researchers of Finnish literature who have a grade both in Finnish literature and in Finnish language.

The Samuli Paulaharju Fund grants awards every second year (next time in 2014) to deserving collectors of oral poetry or field researchers, or funds are made available as grants for field work into the research and documentation of oral tradition.



Translation funding from FILI

FILI – Finnish Literature Information Centre, awards translation grants every year for translating Finnish literature into foreign languages and for the translating foreign literature and non-fiction into Finnish. FILI awards travel grants and financial support for translating extracts to foreign translators. Detailed information on the grants, their application procedures and deadlines are published on FILI’s Internet pages.


Translation funding
from FILI