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SKS materials


Archive materials

The Society’s archives lead to the cultural wellspring of a people who were becoming literate and provide the key for understanding the present day. The folklore and oral history collections are found in the Folklore Archives. The collections of documents from writers, researchers and societies together with historical documents of the Society’s own activities are in the Literary Archives.

Library’s collections

The Society’s library is a research library, and its collections focus on Finnish literature, literary research and cultural research.

Databases and online materials

In addition to traditional printed material, the SKS also makes a lot of electronic materials available online, such as databases, electronic journals and online books. Most of the online services and materials are only available in Finnish.

Information packages

The information packages put together from materials held by the SKS give answers to frequently asked questions on Finnish culture in a concise form: Why is Kalevala Day celebrated on February 28? Who translated the works of J.L. Runeberg into Finnish? What was Elias Lönnrot’s worst poetry collection trip like? What elements make up a traditional Christmas? Except for the package on the Kalevala, the information packages from the SKS are only available in Finnish.