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Information service of the SKS


The archives and library of the SKS provide an information service within the fields of folklore, cultural research, Finnish literature and literary research.

Questions relating to the translation of Finnish literature are handled by FILI – the Finnish Literature Information Centre.
The SKS Bookshop can provide more detailed information on the books published by the SKS.


Customer facilities
List of prices
Forms for requests

Advice and searching for information independently

The staff working at customer service points can provide advice on searching for information and on how to use the equipment in the customer facilities as well as on the collections, archive materials and catalogues of the SKS. Some of the sources of information offered by the SKS are freely available online; some can only be used in the customer facilities at the SKS. It is also possible to make an appointment at the library and archives to receive personal guidance on searching for information.

  • The page on online materials has links to online sources of information available at the SKS. Most of the online services and materials are only available in Finnish.


Information service requests

Everyone interested in the Society's collections, archive materials and activities may submit questions on the information service to the SKS.

The library's information officers will carry out information and literature searches of the library's collections and databases of Finnish and foreign materials that are available in the library. The officers in the archives will carry out preliminary checks and information searches using the catalogues, card indices and archive databases.

Information searches are usually free of charge. Extensive searches are negotiated separately and charged in accordance with the list of prices.

An information service request can be made:

  • By filling in the online form for the Library;
  • By e-mail; If necessary include in the message the desired scope of the search, the purpose for using the information (e.g. research, a publication or own use), a definition of the source material (language, publication date), and information on the sources you have already used.
  • By phone;
    - Literary research information service 0201 131 271
    - Cultural research information service 0201 131 274
    - Information service of the Folklore Archives 0201 131 240
    - Information service of the Literary Archives 0201 131 262
    - Exchange of the SKS 0201 131 231.
  • By visiting the customer service points in the SKS.

The library is also involved in the Ask A Librarian project of the public libraries.


User training

Special user training is organised in the Library. Students and other small groups can make an appointment for training from the information officers.

Guidance on searching for information as part of the studies in folkoristics of the University of Helsinki is also provided in the Library and Folklore Archives.